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Amber Simkins

Amber Simkins is a 21-year-old from the small coastal town of Port Elizabeth. At the age of 18, she decided to pursue her dreams of living in the big city and made the move to Cape Town. Amber studied film at AFDA University and has a degree in Motion Picture Medium, majoring in scriptwriting as well as script supervision. She has lived in Europe and studied the art of filmmaking alongside a few of Belgium’s most renowned directors and producers. 

Amber pride's herself on her focus and drive in trying to live a healthy, clean-eating lifestyle. She believes in the mantra 'your body is your temple' and therefore nourishes hers with all things natural, organic and wholesome. She does, of course, love to indulge from time to time and doesn’t believe in restriction but rather indulging in moderation. 

Amber wishes to use her social media platform as a way to share her journey of healthy living. She believes that everyone is on their own personal journey and if you can make a positive impact on another person's life in any way... that, in itself, is a great reward.