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Joy Kearney

From high school through to university and a couple of years beyond that, Joy always had an unhealthy relationship with food. Fearing it, counting it and obsessing over it. She noticed her body storing more and more of a ‘reserve’ (despite the strict calorie controls) and her metabolism was getting slower with each passing year.

Joy decided she needed a change. She started to educate herself about nutrition and started to treat her body with the utmost respect. Feeding it the best of the best and incorporating weekly exercise that she enjoyed and therefore knew she could stick to. Joy noticed her metabolism getting faster and for the first time ever, the more she ate, the more weight she lost! This was mind-boggling! 

Joy thrives on eating a plant-based/focussed diet. In her house, you can expect to find a fridge bursting open with fresh produce and a ginormous kitchen counter fruit basket that has every fruit in season. She adores her daily green veggie-loaded breakfast smoothies and dreams of growing her own produce one day.