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Q & A With SA Gymnast, Dominique Mann


South Africa is no stranger to the incredible achievements of Dominique Mann. This is how one of SA's leading gymnasts relates to health and wellbeing:

What is your definition of a healthy person?

I see a healthy person as someone that is fit physically, mentally and emotionally. Someone that has a good balance between working hard for their goals, but still enjoys time with family and friends. 

What healthy habits do you follow daily without fail?

I exercise, I juice all types of fruits for their many benefits, and I drink lots of water. I never cheat on those three habits.

What does a week of exercise look like for you? 

My days are pretty much planned around my training sessions.  My training varies daily, between running programmes and strength routines targeted at obstacle racing.  Of course, because of my gymnastics background, stretching and staying flexible is most important to me.

What is your general nutrition outlook/strategy?

Having made sport my career, I very quickly learnt that you are what you eat.  If my nutrition was good, my training and competition seasons were so much easier. I realised the importance of making nutrition a priority, and I live by that belief.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to living well?

Living well and staying healthy is a challenge in itself. There are always distractions and temptations. Inconsistency with nutrition just does not work, so staying focused is important. Personally I have to be strict with sleep, as I can get easily distracted with a good series at night!

What are your non-negotiable indulgences?

Woolies Chuckles to be exact!  They go hand in hand with my late-night series binge, haha! I can't see myself breaking this habit anytime soon, although I do cut back completely in competition season.

It's ten years from now: what do you want your day, week or general life to look like from a health perspective? 

I would like a healthy diet and lifestyle for myself and my family going forward. I want to be exercising daily, and remain as passionate about the importance of nutrition as I am now.  A healthy lifestyle benefits all areas of our lives.

If an individual wanted to start living healthier, what is the first recommendation you would give them?

A good place to start would be to cut out processed foods and sugar. Include an exercise routine, supplements, and loads of fresh fruit and vegetables.